Fire & Flood Damage

Fire Damage

Smoke is created as a result of incomplete combustion. It is acidic in nature and can affect some items irreversibly within 72 hours. Together with the devastating visual impact , the most noticeable effect will be the odour.

Depending on the fires content this can be Protein Odours, Natural Substance Odours, Synthetic Odours or a mix of all three.

The timely washing / neutralisation of sensitive surfaces can save items from permanent damage. A combination of expertise, experience, range of equipment, chemicals and odour removal techniques can help salvage both your structures and possessions quickly returning your life to normal.


Flood Damage

There are two types of flooding categorised as clean water and dirty water. An example of clean water flood would be a burst water pipe within the building. A dirty water flood occurs when the waters has been contaminated by dirt ad bacteria as it travels.

It is therefore advisable to assume all flooding contains harmful bacteria. Suitable protection should always be taken when handling any items prior to them being sanitised.

Depending on time and temperature factors, mould spores can grow very quickly without swiftly planned water/moisture removal, sanitising and drying procedures. These produce best results when performed by professional , trained operatives.

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