Health & Safety

Advance Cleaners Ireland Ltd have a firm commitment to Health and Safety Regulations to all our employees.

It is our policy to ensure that our staff are fully trained on all aspects of health and safety with training provided for equipment, systems and working conditions. Our aim is to minimise any risk our employees could potentially encounter by delivering training relevant to each site, task & equipment used.

Advance Cleaners Ireland Ltd operate training schemes for all employees in line with Health & Safety legislation. Along with internal training schemes our staff have completed training by certified bodies.

Courses attended include: First Aid, Qualified Cherry Picker Licence Holders, Motorised Elevation Work Platforms, Manual Handling, Confined Spaces Training, Solas Safe Pass. Risk assessments are carried out for all sites before work commences so we can recognise any potential risks and deliver the most suitable solution to ensure our staff are equipped to carry out the job safely and efficiently. Advance Cleaners Ireland Ltd also operate a site induction scheme for all contract cleaning operatives delivered by the site supervisor to familiarise the employee with any site specific requirements and introduce the Advance Cleaners staff to the key contacts from our client to ensure communication is open between staff and customers.

While our work is in progress on-site we ensure that the area we are working on is sufficiently cordoned off from the public with safety notices and displays used to alert any passers-by.